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Practical Sailor, October 15, 2001 Where Credit is Due

To Xantrex/Statpower, Arlington, WA and Lamplighter Marine Electronics, Dania, FL

Last July, while my Hylas 49 was in the yard for a water maker installation, the transient voltage (MOV) protection circuitry of the on-Board PROSine 2.5 kw inverter/charger was literally fried by 250 volts of incoming electricity. The problem was traced to a wiring fault in the dockside power outlet. Before its ultimate cremation, the PROSines MOV circuit did exactly what is was designed to do-prevent the high voltage surge from damaging other downstream circuits and components.

Lamplighter Maine, the original installer of the inverter, notified Xantrex/Statepower of the inverters fate. Xantrex responded immediately, shipping Lamplighter and entire brand new replacement inverter at no charge. Lamplighter removed the old unit and installed the replacement inverter, also at no cost to me. Everything was good as new within a few days.

By my best estimate the retail value of the goods and services provided free to me by these two companies is well in excess of $2,000. Given that neither company had any responsibility for the damage to the original unit, I was truly amazed by their level of response. Such total dedication to customer support and satisfaction is exemplary, to say the least.

...Where Credit is Due

Practical Sailor-October 2001


Wow! Again they exceeded my expectations!

Paul Robishaw

S/V Yellow Rose 

When we bought our Hylas 49 "Galatea of Lune", in 2000 we spent several weeks thinking very carefully about the right company to supply and install the electronics. We spoke to several companies and got two detailed quotes, but in the end had no hesitation in going with Dave LaLonde at Lamplighter Marine. The price was competitive but the main reason for the decision was the personal attention and service that we thought we would get when compared to larger outfits. We could not have been more right! An installation of this size and complexity begins with the quality of advice about systems and components. Dave's thorough and intimate knowledge of the alternatives, practical experience of sailboat electronics and his excellent relationship with the manufacturers, made the planning and design a dream. He tactfully steered us away from grandiose excess that we would have subsequently regretted (even though more profitable for him) but insisted that we didn't cut corners or make false economies. He patiently talked us through the inevitable changes of mind and was always available personally to deal with the finer details. The work was completed well within schedule and was of a very high quality. Everything was thorough, neat and seamanlike. Nothing had to be re-done. There were never any gaps between Dave and his staff - everyone was thoroughly familiar with what was being asked of them. Nor (uniquely in my experience) were there any conflicts with the other tradesmen who were working on the boat at Summerfield. Above all one had the impression of a small, highly motivated and professional team who put customer satisfaction ahead of everything else. Sea trials were thorough and exhaustive but the most startling aspect of working with Lamplighter Marine is their quite amazing after sales service. An e-mail enquiring about a malfunction or the performance of equipment (often equipment installed by Queen Long or relating to electrical systems generally rather than electronics) is met with an instant, helpful and very detailed response. We left Florida for the Bahamas and the Caribbean early in 2001. Subsequently we have been through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific to New Zealand and are now en-route to Thailand via Micronesia, the Philippines and Singapore. In logging 20,000 miles we have had relatively few problems with any of the equipment (mainly Raytheon) but when we have, a phone call or e-mail to Dave LaLonde has brought an immediate and reassuring response. When items have failed replacements have been forthcoming under warranty immediately - and always with Lamplighter ensuring that their customer was treated well by the supplier. Thus we have had, completely free of charge, an RN300 GPS and not one but two replacement R80 CRC radars in four years. On the difficult passage from New Zealand to Fiji last month we lost the autohelm and all the electronics 600 miles from land at 2am on a very dark and stormy night with 35 knot winds and 5 metre seas. My Iridium call to Dave out of hours at his home number brought calm as he quietly and confidently talked me through the fix (the Seatalk and power cables to a remote instrument in an especially wet area of the boat had shorted). The comfort being certain that the person who knows the installation most intimately will always be there to help and at once is of inestimable value. Remember that the incident I have described (and there have been others not too dissimilar) took place nearly four years after the original installation - if there was a Galatea golden globe for exceptional service it would go, absolutely without a second's hesitation, to Lamplighter Marine. Appointing them was quite simply the best decision in the purchase of this boat that I have made. If any prospective Hylas owner would like to contact me personally I would be very glad to amplify my view and suggest electronic systems that we have found most valuable. Please do so at zqwj5@sailmail.com David Martin sv Galatea of Lune Vanuabalavu, The Lau Group, Fiji

David Martin

sv Galatea of Lune-Hylas 49


Email from Wally to Barbara and Bob cc: to Lamplighter Marine 1/12/01

I usually make it a practice never, but never, recommend any boat yard, a product, name brand, ect. In this instance, though, I am making and exception to my rule. Before we left Ft. Lauderdale, FL last year we had Lamplighter Marine of Ft. Lauderdale do extensive electrical work and work on our electronics. They came when they were supposed to and did the job in a professional manner and were reasonable priced. I was very impressed with everything they did. More importantly however, has been the "service after the sale". While cruising around the Caribbean we, naturally, have had some breakdowns and I can say that these people at Lamplighter Marine went way over and beyond the call of duty to see that we got taken care of and underway with a minimal amount of hassle.

The most recent example is when our battery charger went down while in Grenada. We thought we would be out of luck until we returned to Trinidad. I contracted Dave LaLonde and Lamplighter Marine and he contracted the factory and did all of the research to find a dealer in Grenada, then did all of the calling and organizing between the dealer, and the factory to get a new battery charger installed in my boat. Most vendors would have said "I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do unless you bring the boat back to Ft. Lauderdale.

I have no hesitation to recommend the people at Lamplighter Marine. Their phone number is 561-588-9176.



DeFever Cruisers


Email from David Martin to HYOA 7/16/02


Your note gives me the opportunity to say publicly how grateful I am for your continued support and advice.

The decision to go to you for all our electronics, the inverter and sundry other bits and pieces was, apart from the decision to buy the boat in the first place, one of the best I've made.

It is now nearly two years since the work was completed (to a very high standard) and still I get support just whenever I need it by return e-mail- and this is especially appreciated when things go wrong (as they have) in the far flung reaches of the western Caribbean. Your expertise, knowledge and friendly advice is invaluable - you are a permanent member of Galatea's crew. Any new Hylas owner would be crazy not to have you fit their boat out for them.

It is good to have you aboard in every sense.

Galeatea H49 #32
David Martin




Letter from Neville G. Williams to Jim Scott @ Xantrex cc: Lamplighter 11/21/04

Dear Jim,

One frequently has cause to complain about poor customer service. However, it is a pleasure to report outstanding service from Dave, at Lamplighter Marine, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  We were in transit through the area, and his prompt, competent and pleasant service to our malfunctioning Heart 2500, enabled us to continue our journey with barley a pause. Your company can certainly be proud of its Fort Lauderdale support service.


Neville G. Williams


15 Feb 2011

Dearest Dave,

We are back in business! Willard ordered a virtually identical solar panel controller (ProStar) from the Nanny Cay Budget Marine on Tortola, installed it yesterday, and everything is working as it should. Interestingly, the PS-30 that we originally installed had a readout window that showed the charge being taken on. The new one does not have that readout window. In addition, we spent 3.3 ‘boat units’ for new house batteries, LifeLine AGMs, as the former four where the set that originally came with the boat 10 years ago. So for Valentine’s Day we kitted out Stardust’s electronics system with what seem to be proper ‘care & feeding’ replacements for a yacht well-used and well-loved. We thank you so much for always providing the answers our questions and give aide when we need it. Every season that we are on this beautiful yacht (starting our 10th year), we thank you, silently and out loud for your incredible attention to detail & professionalism as we open the blue-topped box (document box provided by Lamplighter) and find most of the answers/instructions/support that we could ever want regarding our electronics. All Willard has to do is open the front panels of the Nav station, and the neatness & organization of the space is heart-lifting. God bless you Dave, and your carefully selected crew. So if your ears are burning, in a good way, between January & June it could most likely be us singing your praises. Now about the work load… You said to Willard something to the effect that you could sleep when your pushing up daisies (my words not yours). HEY!!! Grab that lovely wife of yours, take a doggone break for a week, and come to Stardust one of these winters for cat’s sake!!! OK, I’ve said my piece. We would love to have you come. Don’t know if you could adapt to the languid pace given your normal rpms but we could give it a try. We send you and Suzanne our warmest best wishes for a happy, healthy 2011. Please take good care of yourselves. Also please give our sincerest best to Pablo and the rest. Gratefully, affectionately, sincerely, Gail (Minerva) and Willard (Captain Salty)

Gail & Willard Welch

Stardust says "Thanks" for 10 years of customer support


Thank you card from Jim Melvin, 2/9/01

Thanks again for taking care of the SSB installation for Beaucastel. As usual, it was a pleasure. While it seems that your business continues to boom, if I could ever be of assistance by way of being a "reference customer", I would be happy to do so.

Jim Melvin


 Email from Pablo Vitaver to HYOA  1/19/05

I want to add my own comments to recent feedback on Lamplighter Marine in Ft. Lauderdale posted on this list. Those praises were well deserved. These people stand alone on responsiveness and dedication, they are unparalleled with anything I experienced. Dave and Pablo (the other Pablo) will give you his cell phone and they will assist you at any time you are in trouble. They helped me this way, they answered, talked with me and would not hung up until they were sure the problem was solved. Don't tell them, but their prices as measured against the service received, and what the competition does, are dirt cheap. I feel guilty when I pay their bills. They also provide complete documentation and a diagram of the job they did. This is essential when need to service in distant lands, so whoever is called to work onboard (including us) does not have to 'reverse engineer', tear the boat apart to find wires, or guess what is it that the electronic guys did. I know, because that nightmare scenario recently happened to me, on work done (or 'not done') by another local vendor. You can expect to read more about this. I think that recognition for excellent service is due and should incentivate others to emulate them. Pablo Alegria.

Pablo Vitavar
Hylas Owner


Subject:  Fine Service
From:   Jim Burns
Date:   Sat, 19 Mar 2005 09:50:59 -0700


Recently I placed a call to your offices regarding a potential problem we'd experienced with a Hart Interface while cruising in the Bahamas.  The reception on the phone was very positive (I must admit that I don't recall the woman's name) so I sent a message to the boat owner recommending Lamplighter Marine.
When the boat arrived in Florida from the Bahamas they brought the unit into Lamplighter and learned...thanks to Pablo...that the unit was functioning properly and the problem was with a generator we'd been using.
The boat owner was so pleased with the experience at Lamplighter that he has recommended your business to several other boat owners via e-mail messages.
Your clientele continues to grow thanks to the way you conduct business.

Thank you
Jim Burns


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